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Divorce Attorneys Fayetteville, GA
Family Law

Custody and well-being of your children.  Dissolution of your family unit.  Protection of your life’s savings.  Family Law encompasses an incredibly broad range of issues that relate to you and your family.  All of them are serious and oftentimes emotional, all of them are important to the family law attorneys at Brown, Barbour, and Thrailkill, and all of them are issues our attorneys have litigated extensively.  You need someone to fight for you and your family, and we are here to do that.

Criminal Defense Attorneys
Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime is an incredibly harrowing ordeal. Not only are there immediate repercussions, but there can be life-altering consequences at the conclusion of a case.  Don’t sit back and assume the State of Georgia is not going to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.  You need someone on your side to fight for you, and our criminal defense attorneys have fought for individuals charged with a wide variety of crimes across the State of Georgia.  Get one on your side.

Wills and Probate Attorneys
Wills, Probate, & Estates

When a loved one passes, we handle all types of probate.  Whether it is assisting in an uncontested estate or litigating against difficult heirs or executors/personal representatives, our probate attorneys are here to help you navigate through this difficult time.  In addition, we offer a variety of estate planning services to ensure that your property is protected and that your final wishes are followed.  We are here to help.

Juvenile Law Attorneys
Juvenile Law

Has the Division of Family and Children Services (DFACS) shown up at your door?  Has a child in your family been accused of doing wrong?  Many attorneys shy away from these types of cases.  The juvenile defense attorneys at Brown, Barbour, and Thrailkill, P.C., however, do not shy away, and they have years of experience litigating these types of cases across the State of Georgia.  Don’t wait around.  Our attorneys are ready to fight for your juvenile.

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Satisfied Client Stories

  • review rating 5  Clint Barbour is a really nice guy and great attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable and informative. Clint answered all my questions regarding my concerns and issues with confidence, patience, and respect. I would highly recommend Clint.

    thumb Sandi Mellies
  • review rating 5  I have used this law office for two custody disputes. Both times I have been more than satisfied. During the second custody dispute Justin helped me obtain primary custody of my daughter. The circumstances surrounding the situation were like writing an emotional roller coaster. Justin was always available and more than once calmed me down and walked me through every step. He was a great attorney and I am so thankful for all of his help.

    thumb James Mooney
  • review rating 5  Mr Barbour and his staff were completely professional and simpathetic working with me. Calls were always returned promptly and that is so important when your are dealing with stress already! I highly recommend their services!

    thumb Roxanne Hitsos
  • review rating 5  I rarely give reviews, but this is something I feel very strongly about. Without going into details, a divorce, I needed help. The level of communication, compassion, trust, and understanding of what I was going through, exceeded my expectations when I selected this firm to represent me. All of my concerns and questions were met and answered without the issue of more questions. If there were, it was a "Time will tell.". On the day of the final hearing, the courts decision, I (a father) was granted custody of my daughter. I know some of that has to do with myself. BUT - If it weren't for C. Barbour and this firm to help me through the obstacles, I doubt the outcome would've been the way it is. I highly recommend this firm for your representation.

    thumb D. Flowers
  • review rating 5  Although this was a rough time, I must say that this firm was awesome. From the very beginning, I felt they were genuine and cared about the outcome for me. They were very thorough when discussing procedures, gave honest advice, and supported me through the entire process. I hope to never need another attorney but if I do, I know that I can depend on Clint B. and the entire firm to support me every step of the way. Thank you all so much for everything. Now I can move forward with the rest of my life. 😊

    thumb Tamika Glenn
  • review rating 5  Everyone is pleasant to work with. They are very knowledgeable, were always prepared, and represented me in a very professional way. Messages are returned in a very timely manner and it is easy to obtain an appointment. The payment options are convenient and I also appreciate that they offer free consultations when most others don't. I will be using them again very soon in another matter.

    thumb Jennifer Fendley
  • review rating 5  I would recommend Clint Barbour to represent me anyday. My experience with him was very professional and he made me feel comfortable to speak with him. My friend was charged with 6 felonies and was facing 30 + years!!!!! Needless to say, with Clint being so knowledgeable with the law, studying the case and conducting his own investigation, my friend was only charged with a lesser sentence of (2 years is the max) and was found not guility on the other 5 felonies that carried a max of 10 years or higher... Nevertheless, my friend, his family and myself are forever grateful for Clint and his staff with making sure he will be able to get a 2nd chance in life!!!!!!

    thumb Chiquana Nelson
  • review rating 5  Attorney Justin Thrailkill was very caring, considerate, passionate, and professional when handling my divorce and child custody case. He always made himself available to address any of my questions or concerns. I definitely was very please with the outcome of my case. The front desk receptionists and accounting were very friendly and knowledgeable . The firm overall was very caring and professional. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing someone to advocate for you in your court proceeding.

    thumb Christy Davis
  • review rating 5  If your looking for closer in your case well Clint Barbour is the man you need to see. Clint is very transparent and honest with you about the possible out come of your case provided accurate evidence. You may not always get the outcome that you want due to how the system works, but he a lawyer that fights hard for his clients. Sometimes knowing that someone is fighting for your freedom gives you the courage and ability to move forward in life. Clint thank you for everything along with the law firm.

    thumb Charles Gilchrist
  • review rating 5  Clint Barbour was great to work with. Up front and honest with answers I had questions about. No running around and scare tactics. Great guy.

    thumb arbeil
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